Energy services Division 






 24/7 [Never Down]

Like we said before, our mission is to deliver!  Deliver as promised and keep your job site productive and safe.  We know we have new and like new, well maintained equipment but we also know that no equipment is built by God and therefore its not perfect and can break down and or user error can occur.  No matter the situation, no matter the cause, we have you covered with our 24/7 [Never Down] Program.  The program is tailored around you and the fact that you come first.  If a unit goes down, then call us 24/7, we have people that care, standing by to take your call.

How 24/7 [Never Down] works...

Reserve Inventory - For how ever many units rented , there are "x" number of units set aside, never rented.  Our goal is to always have a serviced replacement units ready to go for you.
Dedicated Personnel - Our 24/7 [Never Down] Program has 24/7 trained and dedicated people on standby to ensure a quick product replacement.

If it's a light bulb

We'll Change it

... if its a serious repair we will replace the unit.  Our goal is to replace the unit and get your running as quickly as possible.   

What did you say?



Yes, we said never down!