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You will soon find out...WE CARE

"In the oil and gas production industry, talk is very cheap.  iLease is the company to change the face of the rental business."  --Chris Sander, Doug Griffith

iLease is on a mission!

Talk is Cheap

You've heard it all before-- promised something and then the promise fell thru.  iLease & Rentals, LLC, was founded by two guys who know what a promise is!  We know that in business, or a personal setting,  giving a promise is "credit." When it comes to Chris Sander and Doug Griffith, we thrive on "credit."

  • Our goal is to provide you and your company with the best quality, safest, and easiest to use equipment on the market (all backed up by our team at iLease).  iLease is a company driven to deliver; driven to provide service; and driven to earn your seal of approval.  And, of course, earn credibility or "credit."

Once iLease learns what you and your company need, all you need to do is focus on something else, we've got you covered.  Learn more about our 24/7[NEVER DOWN] Program and Concierge Services.

It's Simple

Our Mission

“To ignite stable relationships, while staying focused as a team and delivering, as promised.” 

Chris Sander                                                   Doug Griffith